The World’s Best Workforce Plan is a comprehensive report and roadmap created by the St. Charles School District to assess and guide how it approaches student learning and instruction. This plan has been shaped by staff, administration, parents, and community members input with the goal of providing the best education it can for the students of St. Charles.  
It is based on five beliefs:
  • All students are ready for kindergarten
  • Close the achievement gap
  • All students in third grade achieve grade level literacy
  • All students attain career and college readiness before graduating from high school
  • All students graduate from high school
World’s Best Workforce means striving to do the following:
  • Have all students meet school readiness goals
  • Have all third grade students achieve grade-level literacy
  • Close the academic achievement gap among all racial and ethnic groups of students and between students living in poverty and their more privileged peers
  • Have all students graduate from high school
  • Have all students attain college and career preparedness