St. Charles Elementary School 2022-2023

School Supplies grades preschool - grade 6

St. Charles Elementary School Supply List
Preschool – Grade 6

All Preschool students please bring:
(1) box of Kleenex
(1-3) Elmer's large glue sticks
(1) Canister of disinfectant wipes
Family Photo
(1) set of Crayola Markers (8-10 count)
(1) box of 8-12 ct. Crayola Crayons

Full-Day Students:
Rest Mat

Last Names A-M:
Students with last names A-M please bring a snack to share with the class.  Students with last names N-Z will be asked to send in a snack later in the year. 

Optional supplies for the classrooms: Dixie cups, Paper napkins, Watercolors

Kindergarten Supply List
(2) boxes of 8 or 10 count Crayola brand crayons with basic colors- regular size- no fat or large crayons please
(3) boxes of 24 count Crayola brand crayons
(2) boxes of Crayola classic colors wide markers (8 or 10 count)
(2) boxes of Crayola classic colors fine line/thin markers (8 or 10 count)
4-pack low odor fine tip dry erase markers (Expo preferred)
Expo dry erase markers (chisel tip/regular size)
1 folder (durable for bringing back and forth in a backpack)
(1) package of pencils 
(1) plastic pencil box (no zippered pouches)
(1) 4 oz. bottle of white school glue
(12) glue sticks (LARGE)
(1) large box of Kleenex or facial tissue
(1) box zipper lock clear freezer storage bags (Last names A-L: quart size, M-Z: gallon size)
(2) canister disinfectant wipes
(2) roll paper towels
$8.00 for kindergarten t-shirt (cash or check made payable to St. Charles Public Schools)

Your child will also need:
A large backpack
A resting mat 
Appropriate shoes for phy-ed and recess. Shoes that your child can get on and off independently (Velcro is great)!

(48) pencils – sharpened if possible
(1) plastic pencil box
(2) erasers
(1) pack pencil cap erasers
(1) scissors (Fiskar type)
(5) 24-count boxes of Crayola crayons
(5) boxes of washable classic color Crayola markers 
(1) 4 oz. bottle of white glue
(6) glue sticks (large if possible)
(4) wide-lined spiral 1 subject PLAIN notebooks
(4) PLAIN folders
(1) flash card addition
(1) box Ziploc bags - last name A – L: gallon-size           last name M - Z: quart size
(2) boxes of Kleenex
(1) canister of disinfecting wipes
(1) Headphones  - OVER-THE-EAR ones work the best
**Please DO NOT label these school supplies. They will be part of our community classroom supplies.
(48) pencils – sharpened if possible
(1) Pencil pouch (not a box-they don’t fit in our desks)
(1) large eraser
1 set each markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors
(1) 4 oz. bottle of white glue 
(6) glue sticks (large if possible)
(2) wide-lined spiral 1-subject notebooks
(4) sturdy pocket folders
(4 or more) whiteboard markers (dry erase)
(4)  highlighters (4 different colors)
(1 box) Ziploc bags - last name A – L:  box quart size, last name L - Z: box gallon size
(2) boxes of tissues
(1) canister of disinfecting wipes 
(1) sturdy, but inexpensive, headphones

(48) Pencils – sharpened if possible (replenish often) 
(1) Pencil Box ( aprox. 5” x 8”)
(1) box markers
(1) scissors
(1 box) colored pencils or crayons
(1) 4 oz. bottle of white glue
(6 or more) glue sticks
(4) pocket folders
(1) wide-lined notebook
(4) Highlighters
(4) black whiteboard markers (dry erase)
(1) 1-inch 3-ring binder
(1) box of Kleenex
(2) canister of disinfecting wipes 
(1) Headphones 
(1)Wireless mouse (optional)

(48) pencils - sharpened if possible (replenish often), pencil cap erasers
(1) set each crayons, colored pencils, markers
(1) scissors
(1) pencil pouch
(4) glue sticks (large if possible) 
(1) 4 oz. bottle of glue
(2)  yellow highlighters
(6) dry erase markers (Expo preferred)
(5) folders
(5) spiral-bound wide-lined notebooks
(1) pack index cards (approx 100 count)
(2) boxes Kleenex 
(2) large canisters of disinfecting wipes
(1) box ziplock bags -  last name A-L: (1) box quart size/last name M-Z: (1) box gallon size

Music – grade 4 – 1 three-ring binder, 1 inch, – this will be used through grade 6 and beyond, pencils
Do not send trapper keepers.
Please label items with the child's name.
Some items will be part of the community classroom supplies
Reuse supplies from last year if possible
No backpacks with wheels – they do not fit in school lockers
Physical Education – all grades – must have phy-ed shoes.  Please wear to school or
keep a pair in your locker.

(48) pencils, sharpened if possible
(1) BIG sturdy zippered pencil pouch
(2) 100-pack note cards, lined, any size
(1) large eraser
(1) scissors
(1 pack) markers
(1 pack) colored pencils
(2) large glue sticks
(1 pack) red pens
(1) black sharpie marker
(1) RED wide-ruled spiral notebook
(1) BLUE wide-ruled spiral notebook
(1) YELLOW wide-ruled spiral notebook
(1) GREEN wide-ruled spiral notebook
(1) RED PLASTIC pocket folder
(1) BLUE PLASTIC pocket folder
(1) YELLOW PLASTIC pocket folder
(1) GREEN PLASTIC pocket folder
(4) highlighters – multiple colors
(1) basic calculator
(12) whiteboard markers -dry erase
(1) box ziplock bags (any size)
(1) box Kleenex or tissue
(1) canister disinfectant wipes
(1) locker shelf (foldable)

MUSIC – Grade 5 and 6 
(1) one-inch 3-ring binder
 your recorder instrument from last year 
                 OR a recorder can be purchased from our music teacher, Mrs. Jystad
(24) pencils, sharpened if possible
(1) BIG sturdy zippered pencil pouch
(1) eraser
(4) red pens
(1 pack) colored pencils, sharpened
(1 pack) regular markers (set of 8 or 10)
(1) scissors
(4) LARGE glue sticks or (8) small glue sticks
(2) black sharpie markers
(4) 100 pack of notecards   
(4) highlighters - multi-colored
(2) wide-lined spiral notebooks 
(1) BLUE PLASTIC 2-pocket folder
(1) YELLOW PLASTIC 2-pocket folder
(1) GREEN PLASTIC 2-pocket folder
(1) RED PLASTIC pocket folder
(4) dry erase markers
(1) basic calculator
(1) ruler
(1) locker shelf (foldable)
(1) box of kleenex  
(1) container of disinfecting wipes
(1) body deodorant (to have available in locker)


Contact: Kay Muschler