St. Charles Public School District Mission and Vision

St. Charles Mission Statement -                                                                                 

Reach out each day to involve, and challenge our students to achieve at their highest levels in the

academics, arts, and activities of the St. Charles Public Schools.

St. Charles Vision Statement -

Every student at St. Charles Public Schools will discover their strengths, develop their potential, and find their niche to help them make a positive difference in our world.

St. Charles Core Values -

At St. Charles we Foster Creativity, Inspire Innovation, Encourage Collaboration, Set High Expectations,

Challenge to Achieve, Are Accountable to Self and Others, Promote Positivity, are Committed to

Continuous Improvement, and Embrace our Community.


District World Best Workforce Goals established by the 2017-18 School Board

School District Goals 2017-18

Goal 1: Strive to provide the best possible educational programs for all students of St. Charles Schools grades PK-12.

Goal 2: Pursue and develop the best people to lead, work with, and serve the students and community of St. Charles Public Schools.

Goal 3: Strive to make St. Charles Public Schools the most positive place for our students and staff to participate, learn and work.

Goal 4: Strive to provide the best possible facilities for our students and our community.

Goal 5: Foster positive working partnerships with parents, the community, area businesses, and higher education institutions to benefit the students of St. Charles Public Schools