In December 2019, the School Board officially adopted the Final Construction Project List that our School District has engaged Nexus Solutions to assist with over the next two years. 

The final project list includes 35 solutions from more than 100 facility solutions that a 27 member Community Task Force helped identify as priority items.  11 of the 35 solutions are being funded with dollars that were approved by tax payers during the November 2019 referendum.  The other 24 solutions are being funded through alternative funding strategies that carry no additional tax impact. 

The total estimated cost of the 11 solutions funded through the referendum is $18,500,000.  The total estimated cost of the other 24 solutions is $4,695,522.39.  The total estimated cost for all 35 solutions is $23,195,522.39.

The projects are estimated to be completed by April, 2022.

Click on the link to the left titled "2019 Referendum Information" to learn more about the work of the Community Task Force.  Explore the other links to learn more about the the list of projects the District is pursuing, and the progress made.

Questions about the projects can be directed to Jeff Apse, Superintendent of Schools, .