The District Communications Specialist serves staff and administration.  We connect our engaged community with our active school utilizing our school network resources. Using social media, regular website updates and the Saints Sentinel Quarterly Newsletter we communicate the most current information to the community, staff and students. (If you need a JMC email blast - please call Administrative Assistance at (507) 932-4910).

Along with communications, staff is supported with access and assistance with the school website. SCPS Staff is welcome to dig into the menu (left). This will serve as a basic how-to site and hopefully you'll find these regularly used tools helpful to get you started and maintain your school web page.  Please send District Communications Specialist an email if you believe any other "basic" information would be helpful. 

NOTE: look for this page on the school website under District menu and then District Communications Specialist.

Please reach out to if you have questions or need help with anything:  .