Frequently Asked Questions/Comments

I'm so not a techy person, but want something on my webpage, help!
  • Play with it and get comfortable on a non-stressful day, perhaps on the weekend

What is the turnaround time for something to get posted?
  • Please allow 2-3 days for a cushion for something to get posted. Typically I can do it sooner, but please plan ahead for your event

I created a Google website page and need it linked to my name, how do l link it?

  • Send me the link and I'll connect to your name on the school website

My password doesn't work from last year.

  • I can issue a new one to you. Send me an email:

My department or fellow grade colleagues desire more of an online presence, how do I do that?

  • This is considered a larger project and we will need to have a conversation about it

I have a username but I didn't get my new password.
  • Passwords will be given via phone.  I will call your phone extension with a new password once the password is established

I tried to create a new password but it didn't work.
  • This is something that can be glitchy on our developers end of things.  I can create a new password for you - send me an email

What are the social media accounts we use as a school?
  • Primarily use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Note that some departments, i.e. sports, library, etc. may have their own accounts and are managed solely by that department

I don't see a how-to do ____, what do I do?

  • Send me an email:

Contact: Shelly Daood