Our school uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as our social media outlets.  We also use our website as a means to communicate. If you’d like to share information with our community it is filtered and posted using the District Communications Specialist, Shelly Daood. Email address is Below you will find the protocol when you have something to share.

Sharing Photos:

  • 1-10 photos (please try to use group shots whenever possible)
    • Send email to:
    • Please provide your GRADE(s), WHEN, WHERE, SHORT DESCRIPTION
    • Please DO NOT send photos of any students that are NOT allowed to be photographed
    • TIP 1: concerned about privacy? Please check with Admin. Assistance to clear your students for photos. If cleared and still concerned, simply take a photo from a distance, don't  zoom in on faces and back of heads are okay
    • TIP 2: Please proof your photos before sending

Promoting an Event:

    • Send email to:
    • Format: PNG, JPG or PDF
    • Any document flyer created in Word, please save as a .PDF file
    • Standard letter 8.5 x 11 size works
    • I can design your flyer to post if you send me WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, CONTACT EMAIL (if relevant), BRIEF DESCRIPTION (please be specific of where it’s located)

Suggestions for creating your own flyer/event page:

    • Less is more, but have all the information
    • Have the school logo visible when relevant, find school colors and logo here
    • If there’s a link for more information, please include
    • Use ONLY FREE clip art when pulling graphics off the internet, if it's not free it's considered copyrighting and it's illegal. Do a search for FREE clip art if you're needing something

Benefits of utilizing social media and website resources:

  • Connects our school with families and community
  • Encourages a positive environment for families
  • Shares the awesomeness in your classroom and our school
  • Family members stay connected throughout the day/week
  • Informational
  • First impression is key for future families

Facebook:  @stcharlespublicschools
Twitter:  @stcharlesschool

Click HERE to access all links to school activities social media networks

Contact: Shelly Daood