How to create a link:

An image or text can be linked to an external page/site from your webpage. For example: if you have a newsletter, list, instructions sheet, etc. that you created in PDF format you can link that PDF to text or an image on your page.

  • On your page, highlight the text or image that you want linked
    • to highlight text double click the word you want linked
    • to highlight an image click the image
  • On your page, click the "link" icon that's circled below in red
  • Then click "Browse Server"
  • Then click the arrow image at the top left of the screen
  • Follow the prompt to "Drop Files"
    • just click the open space and load from your desktop
  • IMPORTANT: your image must be a PDF file
  • You will receive a "checkmark" on the file
    • an "X" means do over or wrong file type
  • Click the file when you get a "checkmark"
  • Your file is now in the website database system
    • each time you make an update to your PDF file on your desktop you will need to reload your file to your page
  • To link a website URL simply paste the website URL address in the space provided
  • Click OK

Contact: Shelly Daood