The 2022-2023 school year will be my 25th as a teacher in St. Charles. I can be located in the northwest corner of the elementary school, Room #117. I am the son of a third-generation lumberjack (Cole Logging) from northern Minnesota. I attended Bigfork High School and I am also a graduate of Bemidji State University, with a Master’s Degree from Winona State University. Prior to teaching, I worked as a program assistant at The Headwaters Science Center in Bemidji, MN.


Hopefully, this site will provide parents with valuable insight and the tools needed to support their child’s learning. First grade can be a very stressful transition for youngsters, but with parent involvement, the experience can be positive and will set the stage for a successful elementary school adventure.

It is extremely important that a first grader feels comfortable in the classroom …

"Every child is a unique person and comes to school with their own experiences, interests, learning style, and family history."  


Families can now use my blog to communicate with the school and actively participate in the first-grade experience.

You may also want to stop in and visit the "critters" that make Room 117 their home!