School District Policies

The school board has jurisdiction to legislate policy for the school district with the force and effect of law. School board policy provides the general direction as to what the school board wishes to accomplish while delegating implementation of policy to the administration.

The school board’s written policies provide guidelines and goals to the school community. The policies are the basis for the formulation of guidelines and directives by the administration. 

Policies may be proposed by a school board member, employee, student or resident of the school district. 

The school board has charged a policy review committee with the development of policy recommendations to be considered by the school board.  The committee considers both proposals for new policies and proposed revisions to existing policies, and makes recommendations to the school board utilizing a two reading process. 

Committee recommendations approved by the committee on a first reading are presented to the school board at the board's next regular meeting following the committee meeting that the first reading action took place.  Policies approved by the board on a first reading recommendation from the committee, will be brought back to the committee on a second reading.  Second reading policies approved by the committee will be brought back to the board with a recommendation to adopt the proposed policy and/or policy changes.

Committee membership is open to board members, district employees, students and residents of the school district.  Meetings are held monthly during the school year (September through May) on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at various locations in St. Charles.  Please see the Agenda links below for location. Meetings start at 6:30 a.m. and last about an hour.

Policy proposals and/or interest in participating in a committee meeting should be directed to Laura Reisdorf in the District Office at .

Click the links below to access Policy Review Committee Agendas and Meeting Minutes Click the links on the left side of the screen to access our school district's approved policies.