Welcome to the St. Charles Elementary School Community

Our school is a community school nestled in southeastern Minnesota. We have a strong parent activity committee and many volunteers that helps us throughout the school year. Because we are the only school in our community we have a supportive environment to educate students.

St. Charles Elementary is kindergarten through grade six school that serves 524 students. The elementary staff are passionate about their profession and committed to bringing out each child's personal best.

We invite you to visit our school. Please call our office for an appointment and see what St. Charles Saints pride is all about! Call 507-932-4910.


The St. Charles Elementary School, with its dedicated faculty and support staff, provides a safe and nurturing environment for all who work and learn here. In our caring community, children are taught to be respectful and courteous to others. Getting along with others is expected. Conflicts are resolved utilizing open communication, the educational process and on-going collaboration.

We are committed to a growth-oriented environment for children and adults. Exposure to new ideas is encouraged and independent thinking is valued. Our staff utilizes varied teaching methods based on proven research, continually striving to reach each child.

We believe in providing a challenging curriculum to create confident, well-educated learners; placing a strong emphasis on reading, mathematical reasoning and computation, and personal expression of ideas through speaking and writing. As professional educators, we encourage scientific exploration, artistic creativity, physical activity, and health awareness. These academic skills are integrated across the curriculum.

We are committed to accepting differences and diversities; including, expanding our knowledge of other cultures in our community and the world. Experiences are provided to build awareness and respect for differences in order to create individuals who are understanding and accepting of all people.

We are united in our commitment to reach each child so they will become responsible, independent life-long learners. Each person’s growth and progress is celebrated. Our child-centered environment promotes self-esteem and develops an eagerness to learn. This provides a strong foundation on which to build, as they continue their educational journey.

Contact: Kay Muschler