What special classes can my child take?
We teach general music, media, and phy. ed. The school also offers band for students in grades five and six. A gifted and talented program is offered for qualifying students in grades four, five, and six. Additional after school opportunities are available.

Can my child ride the school bus?
Please call the school office at 932-4910 for specific information on the bus routes and to arrange for your child to ride the bus.

How do I register a new student?
To register students new to the district please call the office at 507-932-4910.  Office hours are limited  in June and July. .

Should I send my sick child to school?
The basic guideline is well children belong at school, sick children belong at home.

May I join my child for lunch?
Absolutely! Children enjoy lunching with the parents as a special treat. Please notify your child’s teacher in the morning if you will be joining us for lunch. Stop in the office for payment.

Does the school have a breakfast program?
Yes, we serve breakfast every morning. Your family may qualify for free or reduced prices on breakfast and lunches. You may request an application in the school office.

What should I do if my child is going to be absent or late?
Please call (932-4910) as soon as you know. Your call will save time and help protect your child.

What if I would like my child to leave early from school?
Please come into the school office to pick up your child. A note or email to their teacher ahead of time is appreciated.

May my child ride their bicycle to school?
Yes, we strongly encourage students to walk their bicycles on school grounds. We provide bicycle racks on school grounds.

What do you do to keep my child safe at school?
Keeping your child safe is one of our highest priorities. That’s why we require all visitors to check in at the office. We do not allow any students to leave our school without parent permission. We also consistently supervise recess and deal with student behavior at recess or in the classroom fairly and consistently. Our children also drill for weather, fire, evacuation, and lock down situations.

Does the elementary school have a dress code?
We expect students to dress appropriately for the school environment. This means that students should not wear clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual behavior, or violence. We help students to learn good judgment I choosing clothing that is not disruptive to the educational process.

May my child bring personal items to school?
Students that bring personal items to school should have them clearly marked with their name. We discourage any toys that draw away from instruction, cause problems, or are of a violent nature.

How is my child doing at school?
We provide report cards and conference opportunities throughout the school year. Please feel free to call before or after class hours are always welcome. Please feel free to email to contact your child’s teacher.

What are the school hours?
School hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15 to 2:57. Please do not arrive before 8:00 for school.

How do I Sign-In as a Parent to JMC to view my Family Lunch Account?
1.  Go to www.scschools.net
2.  Click the the JMC ACCESS button
3.  Once on the JMC page click on "Parents"
4.  Enter your username and password
         a. select the current school year drop down menu
         b. your user name is the parent last name
         c. contact the elementary office at 932-4910 if you do not know your password
5.  Once into the JMC program click on the link to the left "Lunch"
6.  The link allows you to view daily transactions along with your current balance.

Please consult the Elementary Handbook for further answers to questions. Or please call the Elementary School at 932-4910.

Contact: Kay Muschler