Gifted and Talented Education at St. Charles Elementary
 General Referral Process

We create a nomination pool of students with high potential and/or performance,  which is meant to be as inclusive as possible.  To be included in this pool students must have at least three of the following criteria:

· One teacher evaluation

· One parent evaluation

· MCA scores that is at or above the 92nd  percentile in Math or Reading

  STAR or FASTBridge score(s)  that is at or above the 92nd  percentile in either Math or Reading

· Student portfolio of work

· Student audition

· Anecdotal piece by additional teacher or community leader

We collect information on each nominee to determine his or her strengths , weaknesses and educational needs.    To be included in the program, the nominee must complete the following:

· Student Self-evaluation

· CogAt Ability Test - score of 92% or above

· Interview with GATE program Coordinator

Sometimes a student may be referred on an individual basis.  The student may be new to the district or a teacher is seeing something new.  In these cases, the teacher or parent can contact the GATE Coordinator and discuss this student. The student will then go through the referral process outlined above.

How Does the Referral Process Work?

Gifted and talented youth are those students with outstanding abilities identified in elementary and high school, (usually in grades 4-6).  These students are capable of high performance when compared to others of similar age, experience, and environment, and represents the diverse populations of our community.  These students oftentimes require differentiated and challenging educational programs and/or services beyond those provided in the general school programming.  Students typically demonstrate higher achievement or potential ability in any one or more of the following areas: general intellectual, specific academic subjects, creativity, leadership, and visual or performing arts.

What Does a Gifted Learner Look Like?

In general, gifted learners tend to be more different than similar.  Compared to other students gifted learners tend to….

· Show persistent intellectual curiosity

· Have a wider range of interest

· Have a written and spoken vocabulary that is higher in quality and quantity

· Read avidly

· Show interest in complex mathematical problems

Gifted learners may…

· Show creative ability or imaginative expression in the arts

· Sustain concentration for longer periods of time.

· Show more responsibility for and independence with classroom work

· Set high standards and be high self critical

Gifted learners may also…

· Observe more

· Show social  leadership

· Get excited about being challenged

· Have a more  mature sense of humor

· May be extraordinarily sensitive

For more information contact:

Gretchen Hoffman

GATE Program Coordinator