Early Childhood Screening

Your child may now be age eligible to participate in ISD 858’s Early Childhood Screening (ECS).  This is your child’s first step in getting ready for a successful educational journey.  This service is offered FREE of charge.  Screening is held at the St. Charles Elementary School, 925 Church Avenue, St. Charles, MN.  


What happens at ECS?

At Early Childhood Screening, children participate in an evaluation of their speech, language, social and emotional development, hearing, vision, height, and weight.  Immunizations and health history will also be discussed.  This is also an opportunity to learn about resources and programs in our community.  


When should my child attend screening?

Children are eligible to participate in ECS after they turn three years of age.  

Shouldn’t I wait until my child is older and knows more?

Each child is screened according to his/her age.  What we ask of a three year old is different than what we ask of a four and a half year old.  


Why does my child have to be screened?

The goal of ECS is to identify needs that may require special attention before a child enters school.  Minnesota law requires that all children have a health and developmental screening completed before school entrance.  Children must also be up to date on all immunizations or sign an exemption form with the school prior to school entrance.  


When is the next Early Childhood Screening?

Screening is held three times per year at St. Charles Elementary School. Your child is eligible for screening after he/she turns 3. Watch the St. Charles Press and the St. Charles School Website for exact dates screening are held.


We estimate that screening will take 60 minutes.  A parent/guardian MUST accompany a child to the screening appointment. If you wish to have your family physician complete the screening instead, that is also an option.  Please contact the office for the correct forms to bring to this appointment.  


Please contact Justine Reinhardt, RN at the Elementary Office at 932-4910 ext, 2112 or email to schedule your appointment.