Dancers: What Do I Need to perform?

Dancers will need the black SCDT warm up tank top and black biker shorts for marking.  

Warm-ups: White SCDT jacket and Black SCDT joggers.
Warm Up Order Form

*Black Jazz Dance shoes for Varsity, JV-Black and JV-Orange
*Nude Jazz Dance shoes for Varsity and JV-Black

*Black tights for JV Orange
*Black and nude tights for Varsity and JV-Black

* We recommend you purchase a minimum of three pairs of tights.  In case of rips, you will have extra tights at home and prevent any extra trips to the store.

(including leotards if necessary) will be provided by the school.

Where do I buy tights and shoes?
There are a number of places you can purchase shoes and tights either in a store or online. Locally, Ama La Vita in Rochester has the shoes and tights the St. Charles Dance Teams use.
  We recommend you check with Ama La Vita, they have the style that we need. Make sure you ask for the information for St. Charles High School.  St. Charles dance team members receive 15% off.

Order forms for Dancer T-shirts, Warm-ups and T-shirts for parents/relatives/fans will be given to you at the start of our season.  

Ask your coaches if you have questions.