SCHS Dance Team Rules and Expectations


Varsity Head Coaches: Chloe Dolan    cdolan@schs.k12.mn.us       Ashley Dahl    adahl@schs.k12.mn.us

JV Black Coach: Alexandria Slocum (Kvenvold) akvenvold@schs.k12.mn.us

JV Orange Coach: Katie Kramer   kkramer@schs.k12.mn.us


Attendance and Participation

Attendance at practices, performances, and competitions is mandatory even if dancer is injured or benched unless excused by your coach.  Please remind your coach the day prior to your absence and submit a written note or send an email.


If you have an unexcused absence from practice the week of performance/competition, you will not be allowed to perform/compete that week.  

Dismissal could result if a dancer is not on competition teams and missing practices

Dismissal could occur for dancers who “no show” on performance or competition days.

You must be present at school for the entire day in order to perform or practice that day after school (or in the evening). Exceptions include a doctor’s appointment, school trips, family emergencies, funerals, etc.   If you are unsure if your absence would be excused, ask your coaches ahead of time.  

If you must quit, let the coach know as soon as possible. If you quit or are dismissed from the team, you must hand in all money owed and uniforms immediately. You are not eligible for the team again until the next tryout in the Spring.



Respect your team members in private and in public.  

Awareness of team reputation in public is important, especially when wearing team costumes/clothing.

No MSHSL violations (e.g., drug or alcohol use), no reported drug or alcohol use, no school suspension (ISS or OSS), or expulsion. If a dancer is found to have done any of these, she will meet with the coach to discuss eligibility.

No unresolved conflict (e.g., gossip, rumors, problems in the team – leave personal issues in the hallway). No yelling at or disrespecting teammates or coaches. Consequences will be given at the coach’s discretion (warning, bench, or dismissal after warning and bench).

Any concerns about the dance/choreography need to come directly to the coach.

Be open to constructive criticism.  Feedback should be welcome in order to improve.

If you need to offer feedback, keep it positive, motivating, and inspiring. No negative comments (e.g., “I’m fat”, “I don’t like this costume”, “I can’t”, etc).

Coach may bench dancer(s) for inappropriate behavior (e.g., talking, distraction, off-task) during practice.



Bring the following items to every practice:

-Water bottle

-Yoga mat/weights/towel for warm-ups

-Tennis shoes (Kick routines and conditioning)

-Performance shoes/Practice dance shoes (Jazz shoes not turners)

-Wear tights/leggings/yoga pants/t-shirt/tank top (clothes that show your dance form), sports bra.

Bare feet, socks without shoes, and other shoes are not allowed. You will sit out of practice if unprepared.


No jewelry (remove all piercings), long nails, gum, or candy is allowed at practice, performances, or competitions. Also, only healthy snacks are allowed at practice (no pop).        

Leaving practice is permitted with coach’s permission only (e.g., bathroom breaks, phone calls)

Cell phones must be turned off during practice. If there is a special circumstance, please communicate this to your coach.

If you have attended school the day of practice, you are expected to participate in practice unless you have a signed note from the athletic trainer or a doctor.



Team Members: Team members will assist coach and team in all areas.  Every team member will make a conscious effort to support one another and help the team improve as a whole. Help each other have a positive attitude, motivate each other, and be dedicated to the team.  Dance team members need to be prepared at practices, performances, and competitions.


Leadership:  Leaders will help enforce the dance team rules and expectations. Leaders will be chosen based on the coach's discretion.  Dancers must apply to be a leader for their team.  Leaders are not chosen based off age, but off attitude, leadership skills, reliability, willingness to go above and beyond to better the team. Leadership roles can be any one or multiple of the following: Team Spirit Leader, Playlist Creator, Locker Signs Leader, Photo/Video Manager, Workout/Stretch Leader (Varsity only),  and Competition Leaders.


Varsity Letter: To receive a varsity letter you must dance at least one routine at every competition in the regular season. You must not have been “benched” for any reason during the season.


Managers: Assist coach and team in all areas. Managers must attend all practices, games and competitions. The practice schedule may be adjusted with the coach's consent.  Managers must set up a meeting with their coach to go over expectations.


Performances and Competitions

The Competition Team will be determined by coach before each performance/competition. Being on a team does not guarantee you will dance at performances and competitions.  You must always work at maintaining your spot.  The coach may determine to change the performance/competition squad at any time in the season. If a dancer has a concern about a coach’s decision they must talk to the coach first.  If there is still a concern after that discussion then a meeting between parent, dancer, and coach may be set up.

Pep fests and games  are preparation for competitions, therefore only the competition team may perform. Pep fests and games are not optional.


Behavior Expectations at Performance/Competitions

Be respectful of visiting schools (e.g., no gossip, no “rivalry slams”).

Be respectful of teachers’ classrooms.  Keep everything in its original spot.  Make sure to double check nothing gets left in the room.  If problems arise when visiting schools, consequences will be given at the coach’s discretion.

Stay with the team unless excused by coach.

Wear team clothes over costume in public before and after performance.

Use assigned rest rooms only for dancers once in uniform.

Warm up with team as a team. Do not do any warm-up/stretching activities not usually done in practice.

Keep costume zipped up in public before and after performances/competitions.

NO phone usage at a competition unless approved by the coach.

Social Media: LIMIT use of social media the entire day of the competition.  Remember, each one of you represents the team. Be smart when using social media. We recommend you use social media appropriately during the season.



All school property borrowed for the season, including all costume pieces, jackets, dance bags, etc., MUST be returned to your coach the day after your last practice or performance. If Varsity goes to State, Varsity Dancers MUST turn in their costumes by the Friday after State performances. Dancers and parents will be billed for items not returned.


Travel Rules

ALL dancers and managers must travel to and from competitions and off-site performances with their team. You may only leave with your parent if  your parent provides written notice (note or email) to the coach 24-72 hours prior to the event and your parent talks to the coach at the event before taking you home.  Parents should give the coach a heads up and avoid waiting to communicate these plans the day of a competition.  If parents want their dancer to ride home with a different adult, they need prior approval from the office for that parent to take another dancer.  The other adult also needs to speak with the coach at the event prior to leaving with the athlete.

Be on time!!  Be respectful of bus drivers (e.g., quiet voices, appropriate/polite music requests)

We will have scheduled stops only. Arrange buying snacks/items and restroom breaks in advance. We will provide our best estimate of arrival times. Plan on calling parents from school upon arrival back at SCHS.



Videotaping  We discourage parents from posting our performances or performances of other schools online.  We want to be respectful of every dancer on the team, not everyone is comfortable sharing stuff online, or having their daughter posted online.  If you want to share with each other, please share privately between parents.    

Saving seats: Saving seats is not recommended at competitions.  Saving seats is not allowed at the Section 1A Meet.  Parents and fans will have to arrive early to the competitions to ensure seats next to each other.  Parents can communicate with each other and arrive at the same time to ensure you all sit together and create an awesome fan section. :)

A reminder to our parents and fans to be polite and show good sportsmanship at our competitions.  You are an extension of our school and represent our team.  We want to develop a positive image for our school and our athletes.  Keep this in mind when attending the competitions.   

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