School-Age: Monday-Friday: 6AM-8:05 AM-Before School.
Monday-Friday:2:45PM-6PM-After School.  
6AM-6PM on non-school days (M-F) and 6AM-4PM on snow days. If SACC needs to be closed due to weather, that will be communicated with the school closing.

Wrap-Around Care: Monday - Friday 6AM-6PM-Ages 33 months through 5 years.                

Summer Hours:
Preschool & School-Age Rooms: Monday-Friday 6am - 6pm

Rates are current as of April 2022 for the 2022 Summer and the 2022-23 School year. The summer 2023 rates will be posted soon!
Summer 2022 Rates:
Summer registration fee is $35 per child.
4 day Contract for summer is $148/wk. 
5 day contract for summer is $175/wk.
**You will be charged for vacation and sick days.

School year Rates:
School year registration fee is $35/per child
3-Day AM Contract - $30/week
3-Day PM Contract - $45/week
4-Day AM Contract - $40/week
4-Day PM Contract - $60/week
5- Day AM Contract -$50/Week
5-Day PM Contract - $75/Week
You are charged for the contracts you choose whether you use them or not.  All contracts are charged as long as SACC is open.