First come first serve on all items listed below.
Cash purchases only.
If interested, please contact the school at 507-932-4420
Multiple iPad 2's available.  16GB
Same ones we had on our IT Garage sale back in July.
We are out of the power bricks, but do have some cables left yet.  First come, first served.
$50 per iPad.
Cash or check only at the High School front desk.
**8/27/19 update** - We are almost out of the charging cables as well.

Protective cases for iPad 2's

Used KM1 Skutt Wall Mounted Controller for sale
$400 or Best Offer
Contact Reuben Torres at ;

KilnMaster Control Features:

  • Delay Firing Start: Up to 99 hours and 99 minutes.
  • Cone Fire Mode: Entry by cone number, 3 firing speeds, Cone 022 to Cone 10.
  • Ramp/Hold Mode: Entry by temperature, create programs from 1 to 8 segments. Each segment can specify a rate of heating or cooling to a specified temperature with an optional hold, to maximum temperature of 2.400 degrees F.
  • Memory: Holds up to 6 firing programs.
  • Safety Features: Power failure detection, thermocouple failure detection, microprocessor fault detection.
  • Electronic Cone Table: Converts cone numbers to temperature.
  • Digital Readout: Fahrenheit or centigrade.
  • Program Review: Review program and current segment during firing.
  • Temperature Alarm: Adjustable to desired temperature.
  • Control Panel: Sealed touch pad, washable.
  • Thermocouple: Type K.