Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Using data collected from a community survey after the 2016 referendum attempts and from another survey of District staff facilitated this past winter, the School Board identified a list of facility issues and sought out services to help with developing a comprehensive facility improvement plan.

The data from the surveys indicated that the District should consider developing solutions for the following issues:  improved programming space for Community Education programs (ECFE, School Readiness, and SACC); additional multi-purpose/indoor recreational space to meet community demands for more space; improved parking on both of our campuses; improvements to our food service serving areas; improved space for student gatherings, community gatherings and events; improved outdoor facility competition, practice, and spectator areas; access to green space for our outdoor activities programs; cosmetic updates to some instructional areas; cosmetic updates and accessibility improvements to restrooms; and improvements and updates to our Career and Technical education and other elective program learning areas.

In May, three of five firms that were sent invites accepted the opportunity to present proposals to our School Board on how they could help us develop a plan.  The Board interviewed Nexus Solutions, HSR, and I and S Group.  After the interviews the Board unanimously selected Nexus Solutions to help us develop our plan.

At the end of June, District administration met with Nexus Solutions to review the scope of work and services that their firm will be providing for our District, and our list of issues.  Over the next few months, Nexus will be conducting an audit of our facilities, reviewing our District’s issues, and assisting our District in engaging our community so we can hear the voices of our stakeholders to help shape solutions for our issues.

While we may have a good read on issues that need to be addressed in regards to our District’s facilities, obtaining stakeholder input on the solutions for addressing the issues will be a top priority in 2018-2019.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to get involved and to share your voice in helping shape the future of our schools.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

Jeff Apse
Superintendent of Schools