ISD #858, County of Winona, 600 E 6th St., St. Charles, MN  55972, will receive sealed bids at the Office of the Superintendent up to noon, August 9, 2018, for the furnishing of Milk, Bakery, & Fuel (Gasoline & Diesel) Products for the 2018-19 school year.

Bids forms may be obtained from the district office or at www.scschools.net
Completed bid forms may be mailed directly to Amy Berends, Clerk, at St. Charles Hgih School, 600 E 6th St., St. Charles, MN  55972.


Milk Bid:  This milk must meet all specifications for Grade A Milk and bids are to be made on the following products:

½ Pint White 1% Milk
½ Pint White Skim Milk
½ Pint Chocolate Skim Milk
½ Pint Strawberry Skim
6 oz. 100% Orange Juice
5 lb. Lowfat 1% Small Curd Cottage Cheese
Gallon 1% Milk
5 lb. Sour Cream
5 lb. Sliced American Cheese
1 lb. Block Butter
5 lb Shredded Cheddar
1 oz. Sour Cream Pouch


Bakery Bid:  Bids are to be made on the following products:

1 ½ lb. Whole Wheat Bread (24 slice)
1 ½ lb. Autumn/8 Grain Bread (24 slice)
Whole Grain English Muffins (12/18 count)
Whole Grain Breadsticks (6 inch/24 count)
Whole Grain Hamburger Buns – (30 buns)
Whole Grain Hot Dog Buns – (30 buns)
Whole Grain Hoagie Buns – (3 oz./30 buns)
Whole Grain Bratwurst Buns – (30 buns)
Whole Grain Dinner Rolls – (1 oz./30 rolls)


Gasoline Bid: 
Bids will be awarded on the discount off posted pump prices so that the bids
reflect the lowest net price per gallon. 

Amy Berends