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Section 1 Visual Arts Festival

Congratulations to our artists for a job well done!

Hunter Jackley won an and Excellent Award for his Crystalline Platter. Erin Hongerholt won a Superior for her Ceramics Sculpture Gotta Catch 'em All. Dalton Balcome won an Excellent for his Vase Series pots. Jenny Kramer’s large painting Dawn of Sunset, you choose, caught the eye of the judges and earned a Superior rating. Erin Hongerholt's drawing, Reflections of the Past, and Hannah Bunke’s Seventeen both received Superior ratings. Alex Torres received an Excellent for his Squarely Abstract painting and a Superior for his Bloody Hand of Death ceramic Sculpture. Hayley Burkholder painted Circles in Black, Grey and White and earned Superior Ratings.

Hunter Jackley
receives Best of Show and a Superior rating in Ceramics for his Crystalline Vase Structure 1. His pot will go on to a State Art show at the Perpich Center for the Arts on May 11th.

Art TidBit....
This is the 6th time in the last 7 years that a student from St. Charles has won Best in Show for Ceramics and the 9th time in all categories.

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