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St. Charles High School rankings in the US News and World Report - Congratulations
See the US News and World Report here.
St. Charles High School was recognized by US News and World Reports as the 39th (853) best High School in the state and the 2358th (17,245) best school in the nation. This puts our school at the top of all schools our size in the state with only Red Rock Central and Long Prairie Grey Eagle Schools ranking higher.

This is a very good honor for our district as a whole. We have seen other articles that show how well we do with helping all students to grow district wide.

The 2019 ranking is another good example of this. I have attached summaries of the 2019 rankings and a summary I did in 2017 of the NY times article. 

See comparison summaries rankings of the 2019 and the 2017 NY Times article here.

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