Information on Cooperative Partnership with Lewiston-Altura

On March 9, 2015, St. Charles Public Schools and Lewiston-Altura Public Schools entered into a cooperative partnership to be able to offer boys' soccer to interested students in both school districts.  The primary purpose of the cooperative is to expand opportunities for boys to participate in activities.

St. Charles Public Schools serves as the host school district for the program.  Per the cooperative agreement the official team name is St. Charles Saints and the team colors are orange and black.

An inter-district advisory board consisting of the Superintendents and Activities Directors from each participating school district will meet at least once annually at the close of the program's season to review and work on the improvement of the co-sponsored program.

Click here to read the resolution passed by both school boards and the approved application for cooperative sponsorship that was officially approved by the Minnesota State High School League on May 13, 2015.