Preschool Transportation Options & Information

Before or Afterschool Bus Route Option:

Your child can ride the regular school bus with all the other kids to get to school at 8:05 or to go home at 2:57 but only if they have a bus buddy to assist them with the process. The bus buddy will need to be figured out by parents.  Parents should also notify the school of the bus number and student.

The bus buddy needs to be a sibling or an older child who rides to and from the same location. This older child would help them get on and off the bus and in the morning.  The bus buddy will have to take the child from the bus to the waiting benches outside the classroom. If your child is PM an adult will walk the students directly to and get them on the buses, the bus buddy is responsible for getting them off the bus and to their location safely.

Cost: (Fall 2021)

The cost for utilizing the mid-day route will be $40.00 a month and will be due with tuition each month.

Rolling Hills transportation is also an option for AM/PM and mid-day pick up and drop off. Please call 800-528-7622 with questions or to set up transportation.  You may set up this service directly with Rolling Hills Transit.