Is Childcare Available Before and After School? 
Yes, school aged child care (SACC) is available each school day.  6:00 am to 8:05 am and then 2:45 to 6:00 PM.  Wrap Around Childcare is available Monday-Friday for students aged 33 months and older.  Space is limited, email Tasha Shea at

Do Preschoolers Nap?
Yes, full day students will have a rest time in the classroom following lunch.  Please send a labeled nap mat with your child on the first day of school.

Does My Child Need To Be Fully Potty Trained Before Starting School?
Yes, we encourage all independent of our students.  

Is There Transportation To and From School?
Students can ride on the school bus if they have a Bus Buddy.  A Bus buddy is someone who uses the same bus stop.  Our staff will put the preschool students on the bus.  They will meet their Bus Buddy on the bus and sit with them.  Families can also arrange for private transportation through Rolling Hills Transit.

When is Tuition Due?
Tuition is Due on the 1st of each month.  Preschool tuition is based on the number of school days in the preschool calendar and the type of class you registered for.  Each day is a set cost.  All of the days are divided into nine equal monthly payments.  

Are There Scholarships?
If you foresee covering the monthly tuition as being a problem for your family, please reach out to us for information on scholarship applications.  Scholarships are based on income levels.